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About Nature Care


Nature Care is an Online Shop based in Hong Kong, providing handpicked high quality "Made in France" products for you and your family to experience a green and safe beauty care in your daily life. Many of the products are from "hidden" local French suppliers.

The products are certified “Organic” by Ecocert.

I would like to share with you some insights on my visions and aspirations which lead to the foundation of the company, and which will make it grow along its journey.


Choosing my personal cosmetics, Head vs. Heart


I would say that my way to choose cosmetics depends on my “mood” :

  • With my Heart : I would either choose them by heart, having a “coup de coeur” for a specific ingredient (monoi for its scent, an ingredient from the deep sea or the green forest), for a specific packaging (a funny banana bottle shape or the minimalist design of “cosmeceuticals”), a quality criteria (“Made in”, “Certified Organic”, “2017 awarded”).


  • With my Head : Or I would choose products with my head, trying to assess myself the efficacy and safety, based on information like product complete formulation, product comparisons, or digging into Scientifc information to decrypting the benefits of some ingredients. I love the feeling of knowing well how my products work on my skin, or hair.


Heading towards a natural lifestyle…


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Albert Einstein

Over the past 10 years, I have found in myself a tendancy to go more and more often towards “natural” products. As medical research have progressed with time, news about the toxicity of ingredients used in food industry or in cosmetics for example pop up more and more often. Like many people, I have become more and more suspicious about “sophisticated” products with tons of synthetic ingredients which safety may be compromised the day I would apply or eat them.

Now, my way to choose the products, which directly impact my health, could be defined by these two credos :

  • “the least, the best” : the less extra ingredients are added, the more benefits could be dragged from the key active ingredients (for example, broccoli are excellent for health but if I cook them with tons of oil, salt, and other unhealthy condiment, the benefits I get from those broccoli are being disminished)
  • “the most natural, the safer” : synthetic ingredients are often culprits for undesirable effects (like toxicity, allergies, poor efficacy, etc…) while our Nature provides the equivalent ingredients which are so much more beneficial for our health and naturally compatible with our body


The label “Made in France, a guarantee of quality and reliability in cosmetics


Having lived in France for over 20 years, I have acquired more and more knowledge on Organic farming and on the benefits of the consumption of Organic products. These information made me be more aware of the potential risks of illnesses like cancers when being constantly exposed to chemicals (additives, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, etc…).

The Organic field has a long history in France, where the Organic certification was first introduced in 1985! The worldwide trusted Organic certification by ECOCERT has been founded in France in 1991. Since then, the French natural & organic cosmetics market has now reached the second largest in Europe. I have started to be interested in Organic Cosmetics 10 years ago.

Over the years, I have witnessed the amazing growth of the French Organic cosmetics in variety and in quality. The most enjoyable and authentic Organic cosmetics are from local small companies. Their main strategy focus on a limited high quality products (combining the well known French expertise in cosmetics and a careful selection of the ingredients used in formulations), instead of just extending as much as they can their product range and their market like many big brands would do. Many of these manufacturers I am working with keep their focus on French market only, allowing them to preserve a local small production based on many of the French traditional “Savoir-faire” (literally, knowing how to do) which provide unparalleled authentic quality.


A winning trio : Skincare, Nature and Science


Through this company Nature Care, I would like to share with you my passion for French Organic cosmetics combined with a scientific embrace.

I believe that Skincare and Science serve one another. Science drives the efficacy and innovation of skincare product, while high expectations from consumers boost scientific research to reach for more and more “miracle” molecules and formulations.

Besides the popularity of a brand, attractive packagings, clear marketing communication, people also tend to rely on Science to choose their skincare products.
For each product, you could get some extra scientific information that I simplify for you to develop a different view angle of the role of the active ingredients of the product formulation so that you can find the best products which will suit your needs.


Offering more than a simple skincare distribution service


Also, not being a simple distributor of brands, I test and review the quality of the different products of the different brands I am working with, and would only select and provide you the best ones. Thus, you will not find all the product range of a specific brand.

Being actively connected with the French Organic Cosmetics market, I will find more and more new products, so that you can take care of yourself from head to toe.


"Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it, is the first step to humanity."


To engaged more actively in my relationship with you all. I will also share regularly, through a blog, some of the exciting and diverse findings related to natural and organic skincare by making all information (including the tough scientific topics! J) within reach of all.

Take well care of yourself everyday with the best of our Nature!


Founder of Nature Care


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